Bluegrass Jammers’ Top 10, Vol. 2


Ten More songs in the format of the original book. Great for those who consider themselves new to jamming and prefer Beginner, or Slow Jams. Focus is on playing in time and maintaining smooth transitions from rhythm to soloing and back. Difficult passages have been stripped from the solos in this book and only simple chords are used.

Each song is laid out such that all the music notation, tab, chords and lyrics for Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo and Guitar appear on open-face, easy-to-read, adjoining pages. The slow track for each tune on the Practice CD is performed at a speed that allows everyone to comfortably go from soloing to rhythm and back to soloing. Each song is then performed at a relaxed group speed. All songs have lyrics, so the non-soloists can join in as well.

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Product Description

Here’s what pickers are saying about Bluegrass Jammers’ Top 10:

“I had tried to jam with folks for over a year. I would get so nervous, I always sped up. I played through an entire song (with the practice CD) the first time I tried it. At my next jam session, I surprised myself, and everyone else, with how well I stayed with the group …” Terry, banjo
“I finally quit counting measures and now just follow songs by listening and playing along. The CD makes it easy to hear what each instrument should play… “


All The Good Times Are Past And Gone
Banks Of The Ohio
Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Dark Hollow
I Am A Pilgrim
Long Journey Home
Mama Don’t Allow
Short Life Of Trouble
Sitting On Top Of The World
Way Downtown