Bluegrass Mandolin ASAP


Eddie delivers the meat and potatoes of bluegrass mandolin way beyond just learning another fiddle tune. Find your way around the neck using common double stops, develop creative back-up skills, play solos to vocal tunes in the style of Bill Monroe, begin the process of making up your own solos, and a whole lot more. For the average learner, this book represents nearly two years’ worth of lessons. Bluegrass Mandolin…ASAP! is 112 pages and comes with two instructional CDs – one plays every example in the book; the second is 32 songs performed by a bluegrass band with the mandolin parts separated on the right channel.

Samples from this book:

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Chapter One
Basic right- and left-hand techniques
Beginning exercises
Reading Tablature and Chord Diagrams

Chapter Two
The D Major Scale
Single Note Melodies and Chord Rhythms
Note Values
Key of G

Chapter Three
Key of A
Double Stops
Down/up picking
Enhancing a basic melody
Appalachian and Blues Sounds

Chapter Four
Standard Music Notation
Naming Notes on the Mandolin
Playing in ¾ time
Slides, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs
Playing by Ear
Key Signatures and Accidentals
Playing with a Shuffle

Chapter Five
Reading Rhythm Charts
Drone Strings in Monroe Style
Dotted Notes
Chord Arpeggios
Cross Picking
Playing Fills
Tremolo in Back-up

Chapter Six
Basic Music Theory
Naming Notes – Sharps and Flats
Moveable Chord Forms
Playing Rhythm By Numbers
Boom-Chick Rhythm
Chop Chords
Common and Cut Time

Chapter Seven
Key of G
Fiddle Tunes
Minor Scales
Sequential Scale Practice

Chapter Eight
The 12 Bar Blues
Moveable Blues Patterns
Mountain Modal Sound
The Blues in Bluegrass
Swing Phrasing

Chapter Nine
Beginning and Ending Songs
Lead-ins to Solos
Final, Pre- and Tag Endings
Turnaround Intros

Chapter Ten
Key of D
Fiddle Tunes
Improvising with the Pentatonic Scale

Chapter Eleven
Effective Practice
Warm-up Exercises
Using a Metronome
Arranging Rhythm
Key of A
Fiddle Tunes

Chapter Twelve
Embellished Back-up
Vamp and Fill Back-up
Varying the Strum
Back-up in ¾
3rds and 6ths
Complete Song Arrangements
Tablature Guide
Basic Mandolin Chord Chart

Songs in Bluegrass Mandolin…ASAP!

All of the vocal songs in the book are accompanied by a complete set of lyrics. Click on a highlighted song title from the following list to hear a sound sample from the accompanying CD.

Amazing Grace
Angeline The Baker
Annoying Banjos
Aura Lee
Banks Of The Ohio
Bill Cheatham
Billy In The Lowground
Blackberry Blossom
Boil ‘Em Cabbage Down
Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Camptown Races
Circle Be Unbroken
Cripple Creek
Dark Hollow
Devil’s Dream
Eighth Of January
Flopeared Mule
Forked Deer
Golden Wings
In The Pines
Long Journey Home
Mando Boogie
Mountain Modal Blues
Nine Pound Hammer
New River Train
Oh! Susanna
Old Joe Clark
Ragtime Annie
Red Haired Boy
Sailor’s Hornpipe
Sally Goodin’
Salty Dog Blues
Soldier’s Joy
Temperance Reel
Turkey In The Straw
Wayfaring Stranger
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Worried Man Blues
Yankee Doodle