Blazing Backup for Bluegrass Banjo


Some of the most interesting banjo playing in bluegrass is being played behind the vocal. This book exemplifies Eddie’s personal approach to such back up. The accompanying CD contains 28 separate back-up passes through common progressions. Each page is first demoed slow, then the entire back-up for all of the pages for each song are performed up to speed. Influences of heroes such as Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crowe and Don Reno are purposely interspersed throughout Eddie’s playing. Recognizing how the various licks are used will allow you to focus on useful phrases that could be added to your own back up. Five different keys are incorporated in the 10 songs to further your dexterity.

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Samples from this book:

This book is also available as an Apple Interactive iBook

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Product Description

The banjo is purposely louder than it normally would be relative to the accompaniment and vocal so that it can clearly be heard on the CD.

Songs appearing in the book:

New River Train

Banks of the Ohio

Nine Pound Hammer

Bury Me Beneath the Willow

Dark Hollow

I Am A Pilgrim

Salty Dog

Way Downtown

In the Pines

Lonesome Road Blues